How to make your thigh high socks stay up once?


Do your thigh-high socks not stay up high thigh high socks enough? You don’t know how to keep your thigh-high socks up, whether you are wearing them as a costume or simply to be cozy.

Wardrobe malfunctions can be caused by tights and socks. They can either fall to your ankles at an inopportune moment or rip on their way down. Even if they are high enough at first, it can be difficult to maintain thigh highs throughout the day.

There are many reasons why socks don’t stay in place. It could be that the fuzzy socks themselves are too large, too much friction between your shoes and socks, or that the fabric or design of your socks isn’t suitable for your chosen activity. There are some tried-and-true solutions to keep your socks in place, no matter what the reason.

These are the best wardrobe tools that can help you keep your clothes in their rightful place, thanks to technology and a bit of ingenuity.

SPANX Topless Trouser Socks

Spanx is a well-known brand that keeps things tucked in and put in place. Their trouser heated socks are no exception. The brand’s unique knitting method keeps the socks in place without the use of an uncomfortable elastic band.

Yofi Stick it Body Adhesive

Apply this between your legs and socks to keep them in place for the long-term. It can be carried in a clutch for night out so that you can reapply whenever you need.

Fogal’s Caresse Stay ups

These thigh highs are made to last and can be worn for hours without slipping. The sheer socks are stronger than you might think because they have a silicone border.

Victoria’s Secret Plain Top Hold-Ups

The wider the band is, the higher your thigh highs will be. The silicone band provides maximum hold.

Hollywood Fashion Secrets Fashion Tape

You can find fashion tape at any Walgreens or Walmart. It is an easy, inexpensive solution. Simply stick the tape between your bombas socks for woman and your legs and you can go about your day with no worries.

Johnson’s Baby Powder

Slippage can be caused by lotion on the legs. You can dust your legs with baby powder after a shower. The better your skin is, the dryer it will be.

Wolford Naked 8 Stay up

The goal of nude tights is to disappear so slippage and bunching are not an issue. Look for a pair with a stretchy and comfortable band that will keep your pants up.

DKNY Sheer Lace High Heels

Wear your thigh-highs in a slimmer silhouette and add some flair to the top by choosing a pair with lace trim.

Cosabella Never Thigh High Stockings

This pair of black thigh high tights is just like the OG vintage style. It has a sultry seam running along the back. The silicone edge will hold the stockings in their place.

Plus: How to wear high-heeled socks on the thighs

Let’s face it, even though we want to wear them, most of us are afraid to wear high-heeled socks. Wearing thigh-high socks can be a challenge for me as a curvy girl. My socks fall down all the time and I have to fix them every 20 minutes. Even after my legs are clean and straightened, my “muffin top”, or thigh area (I tried my best to describe …)) still falls down. I just keep pressing out until I get what I want. Although it takes some time to find the right thigh-high socks for me, it is always worth it. Thigh-high socks are flattering for me. Here are 8 tips to help you wear them. Enjoy!

1. Look for spandex fabric

Let’s start with the basics. It’s worth spending a little extra to get high-quality socks. I have seen cheap socks that don’t contain spandex before. Spandex, a lightweight fiber that gives the fabric some flexibility and makes high-heel socks more stretchy. That’s crucial!

Ladies, make sure you look for high-quality spandex socks that are higher in stretch. It is a torture to wear knee-high thighs with no flexibility.

2. Monochrome is best for long legs and shoes.

Thigh-high socks are not the answer for women who fear that they will make them look shorter. For a tone-on–tone look, wear black pointed flats or heels if you’re wearing black socks over your knees. It makes your legs look longer and slimmer thanks to the V-shaped shoe lining, which is the same color as the high knee socks. You can also wear dark grey socks with gray shoes. It can be flattering!

Avoid wearing shoes that are too bright or contrastive with your socks. This will cause your legs to appear slender and can be a visual separation.

3. Under the thigh high socks, wear a sheer thigh.

As I have said, I cannot help but feel the “muffin top” of my thighs when I wear thigh-high socks. Wearing the invisible sheer thighs underneath is a great way to get rid of it. Simply squeeze your legs gently before you apply the thigh-high socks. Using this method, the muffin tops won’t be as obvious and will hide any cellulite behind my legs.

For a slimmer look, wear your black thigh-high socks underneath a sheer black Thigh. ” After all, Black x black” = double flattering!

4. Wear fake thigh-high socks

Tip 3 may seem like too much work, but it isn’t …),. You can always get the fake thigh-high socks. This is an actual product that can be purchased on Aliexpress or other online retailers. The fake thigh-high socks can make you appear like you’re wearing socks over your knees, but in reality, you’re wearing normal pantyhose. This product is still relatively new so the sizing may not be as accurate as L. However, I wanted to share my tips because I found that many girls don’t know about them. Keep an eye out for the fake thigh-high socks that are larger than the norm in the future.

5. Your over-the-knee socks should be taken off.

You can also pull your socks inwards like the picture above to prevent socks from falling. This can be done with any type of socks, not just knit over knee socks. It can stop your socks falling by folding them and making some adjustments. This trick will work if your socks aren’t too loose.

6. Roll-On Body Fixative can be used on your thighs

Although this tip is simple, I know of some women who struggle to get one. Do not procrastinate, you will use it in many ways. You can also apply them to the thigh area to keep your socks on, or you can use body glue to attach loose tops and tube dresses.

7. Wear black garters with elastic clip garters

Garter is often associated with sexy lingerie. These functional elastic clip garters can spice up your over-the-knee socks and keep them from falling.

These cute pairs of socks are so adorable! I must admit, I’m addicted to purchasing different styles of elastic clip garters for my over-knee socks.

8. Avoid printed socks on the knee

Avoid large prints on your socks above the knee. Over-knee socks can be a bit overwhelming. I prefer black plain socks. It looks elegant and can be paired with a top or dress. You can still wear printed socks over the knees, but you should avoid big prints such as thick stripes. Exaggerated effects are naturally a result of big prints. The big prints on stretchy socks over the knee can also cause a big nono.

  • Outer: 90% Nylon/10% ELASTANE; INNER: 38% Merino Wool/38% Acrylic/22% Polyester/2% Elastane
  • Imported
  • Comfort – Merino wool lining for moisture control, insulation and comfort
  • Support – zonal elastication for added support
  • Close fit – four way stretch for comfort and stretch fit
  • Comfort – flat toe seams prevent rubbing
  • Waterproof – three layer construction for warmth, durability and waterproofing
  • Climate Guide This product is rated 3 which offers the perfect balance of warmth and breathability
  • Product Care Wash At 40C/105F, Low Tumble Dry, Do Not Dry Clean, Do Not Iron, Do Not Bleach
  • Sport Type: Outdoor Lifestyle

  • Thigh high socks: 20% Stretchy Yarn, 80% cotton
  • ◆ Soft & Breathable: Being knitted by cotton and stretchy yarn, the thigh high socks for women are comfortable, soft, lightweight and breathable. ( 80% Cotton, 20% Stretchy Yarn autumn/ winter thigh highs)
  • ◆ Different Wear Ways: The extra long socks for women are tall enough to be as the thigh socks or can be folded as over knee stockings, what is more, the knit cotton socks can be as slouch socks as well. Different wear ways, different styles! Best choice for cool/ cold weather!
  • ◆ Keep Warm & Stylish Looks: The knee high socks are knitted with fashion cable knit pattern construction which is classic and stylish, not too thin nor too thick, not only helps keep legs warm, but also looks stylish!
  • ◆ One Size Fit Most: Tile Size: Toe to Heel Length: about 8.3”, Heel to Top Length: about 25.6”, Suggested Women Shoe Size: 6.5 – 10. As the thigh socks for women keep elastic, so they are one size fit most, fit most figures!
  • ◆ Best Gift & Money Guaranteed: The womens knee-high socks is the best gift for your women, and we offer 100% money guaranteed. Please feel free to contact us if you have any question about Moon Wood thigh high socks for women!

  • 100% Acrylic
  • Material: High quality Cotton blend fabric, super soft and warm.
  • Over Knee Socks Length: 38 inches/95cm, Very elastic,One size fits most women with medium to slim built.
  • Multi colors available, Make you look more fashionable. Tight rib top not easy to slip down when walking.
  • Occasion: It is very suitable for matching with boots and skirts. It is a good choice to go to parties or wear at home. It is an indispensable item in autumn and winter.
  • Design: Cable knit, the fabric is anti-wear treatment, after many times of wearing and washing, it will not fade, and it will be similar to the new one.


  • Womens Thigh High Socks: Our thigh high socks measure 20.5 “(no streched) (heel up to top of the socks). Fits shoe size 6.5″-10.1”. The thigh high socks are perfect for your boots or just to keep your feet and legs warm during a cold day. This soft, stretchy cuff looks thick and cozy for a casual cold weather look, but without the bulk in your boots. These thigh high socks will be the perfect compliment to all your favorite fall winter looks!
  • Perfectly Fitted, Looking & Stylish Over The Knee High Socks: The Over The Knee High Socks will bring happiness to your day from the moment you first put them on! The womens crochet socks are long enough to be thigh high socks or fold them over to become knee socks. The over the knee high socks are warm and they are just perfect to wear during spring, fall and winter.
  • Cotton Stretchy Thigh High Socks : These thigh high socks are made of a nice blend of cotton & strechy yarn, which is very breathable and stretchy. So, it can be worn by people of various shapes and sizes even height. They go up high nicely, stay up well. These fashion winter thigh high socks are very suitable for peeking out of boots.
  • Crochet Cotton Knit Boot Socks: Knits are the hit this season!! These thick textured knit crochet socks are the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe. Pulled fashionably to the thigh or slouched effortlessly to the calf. Warm your toesies in your boots… or enjoy a wintery walk without your legs freezing in the cold.
  • Cozy & Warm Knee High Leg Warmer Socks: This fashion and cute knee high leg warmers will be your favorite choice for accessorizing. Stylish to wear with boots, booties, over stockings, jeans, leggings or skinny pants. Our knee high socks are cozy and great to wear while lounging at home or while hanging out at night. Not only do our knee high socks keep your warm but will also look stylish. This is a must have socks for all girls and women.
  • Cotton, Acrylic
  • Imported
  • 15-20 mmHg regular strength medium pressure; Promotes circulation, reduces swelling, fights fatigue
  • Improve stamina and muscle recovery time while traveling, post-workout, after running and exercise
  • Knit with luxuriously soft combed cotton to massage tired legs during prolonged standing or sitting
  • Seamless toe reduces irritation chaffing and rubbing; Over calf knee length ideal for daily wear
  • Use in prevention of DVT, clots, varicose and spider veins; Perfect for nurses and pregnant mothers

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