Simple Hairstyles for Valentine’s Day


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It can be difficult to know the right hairstyle for Valentine’s Day. You won’t feel like you spent hours curling your hair. You will end up looking like you just got out of bed. We recommend that you don’t panic about your hairstyle for Valentine’s Day. Instead, take a look at these 22 easy hairstyles. The hairstyles are elegant yet casual, but easy enough to master in time for Valentine’s Day. If you don’t plan on getting out of bed on Valentine’s Day, there are two hairstyles that will work. It’s a great hairstyle to wear on a hot date.

22 Great Hair Ideas for Valentine’s Day

  1. Twisted Heart Braids

This fun braid with a twisted heart shape is a great hairstyle. It is perfect for Valentine’s Day, or any other day that you feel like a little girl. It will take some effort to achieve the perfect heart shape. Listed here is a easy tutorial to create the same:twisted-heart-braids-minMake a center parting. Dry shampoo might be used if your hair is clean.

Utilize a rattail brush. Start at the back of your separating, and then draw a bent line from behind your ears. Retort your hair. Replicate.

Begin at the top of your head, and work your way down. Only try a few hair strands outside of the heart shape.

After you have reached behind your ears, remove the clipping from the back. Start braiding your hair.

  • Continue French braiding your throat. Then, trim the excess.
  • Continue to take 4 to 6 steps from the other side of your head.
  • Secure your braids by putting a band around your neck.

To create a thicker, more tousled look, gently tug at your hair. To eliminate frizziness, gently use hairspray.

  1. Looped Love Braids

The most popular Valentine’s Day hairstyle is the looped really-like braid. This braid combo is stylish enough to handle daily yet ecstatic adequate for Valentine’s Day.looped-love-braids-minBegin with a three-strand braid on each part.

  • Take out the braids.
  • Take a section of hair and wrap it around the braid.
  • Do the opposite.
  • To form the heart shape, tie below
  • You can also make looped love fishtails.
  1. Half-up Love Bun

Half-up buns are a great hairstyle for cool girls. This hairstyle is great for romantic day dates with your lover. These are some easy ways to achieve this look:

Start by putting your hair up in a half-up ponytail, leaving about one inch in front.

Part of your hair should be dragged through the front of your head.

Start with regular braids. Pull at the sides to increase volume. Use a bobby-pin to pin the ends.

  • Continue braiding with the other hand.
  • Secure the braids underneath by keeping the ponytail in place.
  • Place the ponytail into the middle and tie the elastic around it.
  • Pin the ponytail so it is in the middle of the gap.

Take a few hairs from the front and blow it out. Place it in the opposite side of the ponytail. Attach with bobby pins.

Repeat the process on the opposite side.

After you have completed all your twists, carefully pull the sides of the braids down so you can find less.

  • Make a ponytail, then split it in two.
  • Hairspray can be used to give your ponytail more volume.
  • To create the first half of the heart, you can make a cycle. Use bobby pins to keep your heart safe. Replicate the process on the opposite side.
  • Make two sections and then loop them all down. Tie utilizing an elastic band.
  • To create the heart shape, pull the sides of the twist.
  1. Valentine’s Half-up Braids:

These half-up braids for Valentine’s Day are easy to do and look great. Make this hairstyle by braiding your hair twice and curling it.

  • Do little braids in the front on either side.
  • For thick hair, braids are a great way to make it look longer.
  • Pin one section of braid to your back. Pin the second braided section over the first.
  • Curl the hair that is left.
  • You are finished with hairspray
  1. Romantic Updo

Although romantic updos can be difficult, they are easy to do if you only use one braid and two changes. Hair extensions can be used to add volume to thin hair. You can keep going without extensions. This hairstyle is perfect for Valentine’s Day because it can make you look elegant and beautiful. Listed below are easy steps to create the same:romantic-updo-minMake a three-strand braid leaving some hair strands in the front.

  • Keep the braids loose at the top, and tighten them as soon as you can.
  • You can leave a little more for the small knot.
  • Make your braids crazy. Use bobby pins to secure the braids.
  • Take the outside section of the braid, and secure the sides with bobby hooks. Continue the process for sides and top.
  • Your front part should be twisted and wrapped around your bun. Pin
  • Ends below the bun The other end of your top hair should be pulled back and dragged over the top.
  1. Half-up Hair Bow:

This hairstyle is unique and requires only a little effort. Although it can be done almost every day, Valentine’s Day is a great occasion to rock it. This is an ideal way to add some style to your hair without any additional accessories. Give it a try!half-up-hair-bow-min

  • Before you part your hair, brush it to remove any hair knots.
  • Attach a section of hair to the top of your head, pointing towards your back. Use a clear elastic band to tie the top.
  • Separate the hair into two halves.
  • Make a half-loop on the right side of your hair so that the ends point towards the elastic band.
  • Use bobby pins to pin the hair at the top, bottom, and sides of the half-loop.
  • Take the left side and make a second loop. Use bobby pins to secure it.
  • Place a small section of your hair under the bow.
  • Bring your hair to the center of the bow, and then tuck it with the space at the other end.
  • For a neat finish, pin the hair at the top and bottom.
  • Style your hair as you would like it to be.
  1. Faux Knot Braid 

Faux braids are a simple hairstyle that looks complicated but is very easy to create. This hairstyle is great for Valentine’s Day, as well as cute and flirty clothes. Faux knot braids are not a string or a braid. This number of knots is more like a friendship bracelet and easier to make. You can make your plait look more like a curl if you use more curls.

  • Start by making a ponytail.
  • Tie a small section of hair around the ponytail.
  • Next, add another section of hair to the first.
  • Two smaller areas of mixed size can be used to create a second knot around the ponytail.
  • Continue to reduce the size of your ponytail.
  • Each hair knot will have an additional section. Add a band.
  1. Super Sleek Pony

Valentine’s Day gift: A bone framework and a smooth hairdo. It’s easy to do. Though it appears difficult to produce, you can create this easily by practice sessions.super-sleek-pony-minSection from the top of your hair to make a high, tight ponytail.

  • Use a gel or styling lotion to smoothen it.
  • Use a flat iron for dramatic hair ends.
  1. Natural Curls

Valentine’s Day is a great time to accept your natural, sexy curls. For the best safety and shine, make a central parting and massage your hair oil. Loose curls will fall flat. Use a light gel or nautique to combat frizziness while styling.

  • Use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner to give your curls and waves bounce.
  1. The Three-Strand Braid is the Best:

This is an excellent Valentine’s Day hairstyle. The beauty and elegance of this simple three-strand braid, tied at the back with a top knot, is unmatched. For shorter hair, this can be done in layers. The description of this hairstyle is below. Listed below are the steps to create the look:updo-with-three-strand-braid-minMake specific braids in the back region before you finally make a head bun.