Shirtdress Outfit Ideas: How to Wear a Dress


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What is a Shirtdress?

A shirtdress is a garment which looks like a button-down shirt but can be worn as a dress. Shirtdresses have cuffed sleeves and front buttons. They also come with a collar and breast pockets. They are available in a variety of styles and patterns. Some shirtdresses are made from the same material as button down shirts, such as plaid or denim, while others use more formal or elegant materials, like silk, velvet or chiffon.

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5 Daytime Styles for a Shirtdress

These shirtdresses can be worn for casual lunch with friends or at work.

Winter leggings and tights are a good choice: For extra warmth in winter, wear a pair or tights underneath a long-sleeve shirtdress. For solid-colored shirtdresses that are solid black, you should stick to plain black tights and leggings. However, for solid-colored shirtdresses try different colors and patterns for your leggings or tights.

Wear with white sneakers: For a casual, daytime look, pair a chambray shirtdress with white sneakers. To enhance the casual look, roll the sleeves up. This casual shirtdress is versatile and can be worn for both errands and lunch with friends.

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Use it as a cover-up: A shirtdress can be worn as a coverup over a bathing costume for a summer look. You can use a simple white shirtdress as a beach cover-up, or you can play with patterns and colors. For a bright summer look, you might consider wearing a floral-print or pastel-colored shirtdress. For maximum air circulation, choose lightweight fabrics like linen, cotton voile, and chiffon.

Add a blazer: A shirtdress is similar to a button-down shirt so they can be worn as casual business attire. You can style a midi or knee-length shirtdress with a jacket and a blazer. Or, you can pair your midi dress with ankle boots or wedges to keep your legs warm in winter.

As an open layer, wear it: This garment can be worn as a long cardigan. Wear your shirtdress unbuttoned over a white T-shirt and skinny jeans with booties. This outfit looks great with a cotton shirtdress. The material is soft and comfortable, similar to a sweater.

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Four Outfit Ideas to Style a Shirtdress For Evening.

These shirtdress outfits can transform a basic dress into four sophisticated evening looks.

Add some statement jewelry to your look: A simple black shirtdress can be transformed into something glamorous by adding a piece of unique jewelry to it. To elevate your look, leave the top button of your shirtdress unfastened, which creates a wider neckline. To dress up a basic shirtdress, you can add a bracelet or pair earrings.

Add heels and a belt: You can transform a shirtdress from casual to formal by wearing heels. To add color and pop to your outfit, consider wearing bright heels. A flowing dress can look boxy so add a belt to tighten your waist. In cooler months, finish the look with a denim jacket.

Layer with a scarf: A shawl can be worn over a shirtdress that is sleeveless. Shawls can be wrapped around your upper body to enhance an outfit. To make a bold statement, wear a shawl or scarf with a pattern or color.

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Add a leather jacket to your look: To dress up your look, add a leather jacket. To create contrast, you can wear a black leather jacket with a white shirtdress. Or, for a classic look that will work well in the evening, a leather jacket can be worn over a black maxi dress.

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