Russell Westbrook will debut his “Honor the Gift”


Clothing line this Weekend

Russell Westbrook, NBA MVP and fashion icon, is expanding his fashion empire. It’s no surprise that Westbrook is a fashion icon and NBA MVP. He will be launching Honor the Gift, his personal clothing line, this weekend in Oklahoma City.

To officially launch Honor the Gift, Westbrook will hold a pop up shop at the Penn Automotive located at 2104 NW 39th Street. The pop-up shop will be open Saturday and Sunday from 2-6 pm. Honor the Gift will have the full collection available online on November 22nd at 10 AM EST

A release stated that the Honor The Gift brand is about self-belief and dedication to education honor cord policy the gift “he” has given to you. It’s shaped into various product offerings that reflect a personal promise of greatness, no matter what the hardship.

In an Instagram post, Westbrook said that he was thankful for his humble beginnings in OKC. “I am thankful to the man above for allowing my life to achieve incredible things. This has allowed me to start Honor The Gift. Honor the gift It’d be great to see you all this Saturday. Honor the Gift’s 2021 Fall Collection pays tribute to Russell Westbrook Returning Home to L.A.

Russell Westbrook is finally heading home. He’ll be bringing his color-loving, soulful love of fashion home with him to launch Honor the Gift, his own clothing line. Since 2017, the brand has established a reputation in streetwear and high fashion. It captures Westbrook’s eclectic and bold style approach and applies it to a range of retain a classical look womenswear and menswear silhouettes. Honor the Gift’s Fall 2021 collection, Inner City Love, is being launched by Westbrook, a Los Angeles native who has returned home to join the Lakers.

This new collection is inspired by Westbrook’s childhood soundtrack. His family used to play soul music from the 60s through the 80s throughout their house. The lookbook is a love story of sacrifice, dedication, hardship, and two like-minded hearts. It features a young couple running, which reflects the collection’s ethos to make a house, a home, with loved ones. This collection of images and pieces is a true Inner City Love Story. It reflects Westbrook’s love story of family and unity, as well as his dedication to honoring his gift.

The pieces speak for themselves. They are influenced primarily by vintage graphic aesthetics. There is something for everyone, including kids and adults. Inner City Love combines rich textures with spiritually-inspired graphics, novelty knit fabrics and spiritually-inspired graphics. This collection builds on an already strong catalogue. Honor The Gift is a leap forward in its garment design and silhouette construction. It reframes modern lines and structural patterns. Russel designed the entire collection in Los Angeles. Functionality, practicality, and accessibility were his key traits when he created the collection. Westbrook also found the most appropriate way to speak to his community through fashion.

Honor The Gift Channels Nostalgia Volume II: “Inner City Love Volume II”

Honor The Gift is celebrating the holidays with a 150-piece collection that pays tribute to Russell Westbrook’s roots through thoughtfully-designed apparel. The new collection, “Inner City Love Volume II”, continues the brand’s Fall 2021 themes, but is infused with more family-oriented and festive memories. The brand’s new Inner City Love Volume II collection is available today on its website development. It offers winter-ready looks for women, men, and children.

This holiday collection draws inspiration from the late 1960s and early 1970s for its retro silhouettes, vintage-inspired graphics, and unique cut-and sew pieces that are reminiscent of that era. Westbrook also has important personal history with this era. He combines the soulful music from that era with his own aesthetic preferences and family memories. Honor The Gift, a Los Angeles-based design company, used a minimalist-inspired, muted color palette to add a modern spin on the old school inspiration.

This collection is family-focused, as are the lookbook visuals. They remind us of holiday portraits and family essential photos. Obidigbo Nazeribe shot the Inner City Love Volume II Lookbook. It features loved ones and friends in holiday-ready poses.

Honor The Gift’s Inner City Love Volume II collection will be available on its website at 9 a.m. PST on December 17.