Cottagecore: Spring Trend Spotlight


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Imagine yourself in a cottage kitchen, putting on an apron to cover your vintage dress as you prepare to bake a loaf. This season’s cottagecore trend will appeal to you if this vision resonates with you.

Are you curious about this spring trend? Continue reading to find out more about cottagecore.

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What is Cottagecore?

Cottagecore is rural life reimagined. Cottagecore evokes a romanticized, idyllic rural life. It is characterized by a harmonious blend of old and modern, ultra-feminine details, and styles that are more functional than nostalgic for centuries past. Cottagecore has seen a significant rise in popularity since COVID-19 made a profound impact on the way we live. The need to live a more sustainable life became evident when household goods became scarce. Cottagecore followers look back at the days when you could live off your land by gardening, learning to bake and passing time creating.

Cottagecore Trends: Feminine Features and Sustainable Staples

Cottagecore’s core trend is all about ultra-romantic details. Look for styles with ruffle necklines, billowing sleeves, intricate lace overlays, and ethereal silhouettes. To tap into cottagecore’s sustainability theme, search for eco-friendly fabrics.

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Cottagecore is defined by pretty prints & calm colors

Every spring, florals are a favorite print. Cottagecore is back and this season, the trend for florals is not changing. So get into a sea if floral fabrics such as micro-florals or vintage hand-painted flowers to feel that nostalgic vibe. These beautiful prints can be paired with a variety of blouses and midi skirts, as well as light-weight blouses. This season, opt for floral prints in shades such as rusty red, orange, pastel pinks, sunshine yellow, mauve, and rusty red. These eye-catching colors look great with warm neutrals such as ivory, white, or gray.

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Cottagecore’s Tender Textures and Distinctive Details Will Make You Feel Good

Handcrafted details and texture will elevate your cottagecore outfit. Cottagecore is a comfortable-at-home style that uses soft fabrics like wool, cashmere blends and brushed knits. Modal and bamboo are also available. Cardigans and sweaters with large sleeves or pom details give the garment a handcrafted look. Simple blouses or skirts can be enhanced by delicate embroidered details or a chunky knit. These fabrics are perfect for snuggling up with a cup o’ tea and a warm fire on a spring day.

Add some athleisure to the mix by adding soft sweatshirts and a pair of luxe cashmere joggers. You can make this cozy and homey ensemble cottagecore by using bolder colors, unusual ruffles, and more print options. For a modern twist, try soft knit tops featuring balloon sleeves and puff shoulders. Pair them with a ruffled skirt for a feminine touch.

Daydream in Cottagecore Dresses

This spring, midi dresses are in fashion and perfectly match the cottagecore trend. For colder climates, choose a long-sleeved midi dress with a feminine floral print in a warm and cozy environment. You can layer on a warm cardigan or a pair functional hiking boots to protect your feet as you go out in search of fresh flowers.

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