11 fantastic tips for charity clothing shopping


11 fantastic tips for charity clothing shopping

Finding clothes that fit you well and you like in a charity shop can seem daunting at first. With a little digging you might find some true gems.

You’ll find exclusive pieces that aren’t available on the high-street, but you can also feel great knowing that your purchases will help a good cause and that your purchase is sustainable.

You can reinvent your wardrobe by simply walking into charity shops with an open heart and a few of these tricks in your sleeve. All this without spending a fortune on student loans.

Try vintage clothing

You won’t find the latest trends and styles in your local charity shop. So the key is to find timeless pieces that will never go out-of-fashion.

While your Oxfam won’t have clothes from the catwalk, it will be filled with vintage items.

Open your mind to the possibility of finding something in your area. It’s possible to find some truly amazing clothing in charity shops.

Try to find unique and affordable clothing

Undoubtedly, the most exciting aspect of charity shopping involves the thrill of discovering a unique treasure.

It might seem like you are searching for the perfect item in a maze, but it is much more satisfying to work hard for what you find than if your search ends in Topshop.

Sometimes you may find something you love, but wouldn’t usually buy. Or a used designer item is available at a discounted price. You might find yourself with a pair Levi jeans for fivers or a Moschino belt at 50p.

Purchase items without labels

Insider tip – Many of your favorite high street stores have partnerships with local charity shops that allow them to donate stock not sold in fashion sales. Sometimes they will need to take the labels off the clothes.

It’s worth paying attention to items that have had their labels removed. These may be items that were donated but have never been worn. Visit charity shops often on weekdays

Which day is the best to visit charity shops, then?

You’ll find that many charity shops have new stock daily, unlike many high street shops.

Even though you may not find the perfect item one day, it could be there tomorrow. The best time to shop charity is weekdays because there’s less competition for top-quality stuff.

Be friends with the shop staff

It’s a good idea for charity shop employees to be friendly.

Being nice is not enough. Staff will be more likely to recommend the right place or save you the best charity shop finds if they know you better. It pays off to be nice!

Don’t be afraid of letting them know your tastes. If you are a loyal and friendly customer, they will go the extra mile to please you.

Keep looking and be patient to find the best clothing.

Many high-street brands will make their stores as simple to navigate as possible. Don’t expect the charity shops to be any different.

  • Don’t expect to find items sorted by colour or size in charity shops. Be prepared to do some digging.
  • This is a good thing, but it can make it difficult for other shoppers find top-quality items.

Shop online for charity shops

Do you want to go thrifting in the UK, but don’t feel like leaving your house? Now you can do your charity shopping online. Many sellers also have their own eBay shops.

Online charity shops that are the best

  • Oxfam
  • British Heart Foundation
  • Sense
  • British Red Cross.

You can try on clothes from charity shops and see if you have any faults

  • Charity clothes shopping is all about trying before you buy.
  • Particularly with vintage items, measurements can vary greatly.
  • This means you shouldn’t dismiss clothes that aren’t your normal size or assume that something will fit just because it is the size you usually wear.
  • Before you dismiss something for being a fault, consider whether you could make it better.
  • Becky Hughes is an Instagrammer who shares her story about finding clothes at charity shops that fit her needs.

Charity shops can be chosen based on their location

It’s likely that you have heard that the most successful charity shops are found in the richest parts of town. This is because they receive donations from people with a reasonable amount of income. You might find items that have not been worn in a while or those with a price tag.

While it is true that designer brands are more readily available in wealthy areas, it is also true that charities shops know that charity clothes buyers go on pilgrimages to check them out. The result is that prices can be quite high. Do not be afraid to move elsewhere if you feel that you are getting overpriced.

Take a look at charity shop clothes in various contexts

Charity shops aren’t always the most lavish. High street brands invest in lighting, music, and decor to make their clothes look amazing, but charity shops can be dull and boring. It’s up to you to think outside the box when looking for charity shop bargains.

Think about how this item would look on the front of Zara, in a fashion magazine, or on your favourite fashion icon. Looks much better now, right?

Donate your clothes

Charity shops are dependent on donations to survive. You can’t expect to get all the gems if your not willing to give.

Take a look through your closet and get rid of any clothing you don’t use. It will help you free up space and it will also help a good cause.